COVID-19 protocols are followed for in-person lessons, or students can have the option of taking lessons via Zoom.

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Piano and Singing Lesson Pricing

How much do piano and keyboard lessons, or singing lessons cost in Glendale, AZ? This is something I'm often asked, and the answer is simple, with various options to suit everybody.

Here's how people can take lessons from me:

  • My home, 30-minute weekly, private lesson $35.00
  • My home, 60-minute weekly, private lesson $60.00

Lessons are payable monthly and due at the first lesson of the month, with a 2-week cancellation notice and make up lessons are offered in case of illness or emergency!"

I accept Cash, Check, or Quick Pay by Zelle.

Piano Lessons

A typical piano lesson begins with you opening your lesson plan & demonstrating what you have practiced during the week. A practice notebook is also handy to record new assignments & your practice time at home, which is recommended for a minimum of 20 minutes a day 5 days a week. A 2-year commitment to this plan will allow you to gain enough mastery that you can pick out any piece of music & learn it.

Voice Lessons

A typical voice lesson begins with you being prepared with assigned material such as lyrics and/or sheet music. Then the lesson continues with vocal warm-ups and exercises, including proper singing posture, scales and ear training, followed by the songs we are working on.

At home, practice should include 3-5 minutes of vocal exercising daily plus listening to your songs and singing along with them as well as singing them acapella (without any background music).

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